Open60AAL heads back to France – new attempt scheduled for 2019

Freitag, 03. August 2018, 10:30 Uhr

Wednesday at 10:30am Norbert Sedlacek, the captain of the Open60AAL, decided to end the world record attempt at sailing 30,000 nautical miles non-stop and without assistance.  The yacht is currently headed back to France and will have traveled around 1,000 nautical miles upon arriving there again.

Technical equipment needs more time to mature for the journey

Sedlacek made the decision after identifying a few pieces of technical equipment which he deemed not mature enough to make the entire journey in rough weather conditions.  A more detailed explanation for the decision is to come next week when the captain has arrived in France.

“Sometimes it is necessary to take note of the reality and to act according to it,” said Sedlacek.

New attempt scheduled for 2019 with faizod.GPS-Blockchain-Tracker

Despite this setback, plans for the world record attempt remain.  Sedlacek and the team will use the next year to optimize all elements of the yacht and go at it again in summer of 2019.

The technical director at Ant Arctic Lab reported that faizod’s GPS-Blockchain Tracker worked well and that many people watched enthusiastically as coordinates were logged in the Blockchain.  For the second attempt they will continue to use the tracking software.

We are excited to see the results of the optimization period!

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