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faizod.Nero What is faizod.Nero?

faizod.Nero is a Blockchain-based platform enabling various types of cost allocation through the use of coins and Smart Contracts. This platform offers cost-savings by direct, simple, real-time accounting.

 How does faizod.Nero work?

The process is illustrated well by the example of a machine lease provider and lessee.

→ The lessee converts their money at a 1:1 ratio to tokens through a bank.

→ These tokens are deposited in a pool account (escrow account). Faizod does not have access to this account.

→ The lessee receives the address of the deposited tokens in the Blockchain system and can pay any other participant in the network with these tokens.

→ A lease provider may set up a pay-per-use policy for a machine (a specified amount of tokens must be paid in order to use the machine).

→ The payment process is handled through Smart Contracts.

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What sets faizod.Nero apart from other systems?

• Binding to a reference value, incalculable fluctuations will be eliminated
• Time to market:  the technologies are tried and tested, but currently no SMBs can use Blockchain technology to pay one another due to high technical entry barriers
• Clear, transparent protection of monetary values through an institution
• Currently various systems are being developed, but are only available in themselves.  faizod.Nero uses existing technologies and offers a consistent process image.

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Deckblatt faizod.Nero

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