Blockchain and Industry 4.0 for the middle class

Dienstag, 06. Februar 2018, 12:40 Uhr
Blockchain and Industry 4.0 for the middle class: potential and business models
Time: Friday, 23.03.2018 (13:00-18:15) Where: HTW Dresden (Dresden University of Applied Sciences) Location: Friedrich-List-Platz 1
01069 Dresden

Innovation often starts quietly and experiences many highs and lows. How long did it take for the internet’s basic technologies to make the World Wide Web; how long did it take for companies to understand the benefits of this and develop new business models? Blockchain technology took off in 2009 with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Initially a technological trend, Blockchain quickly became the talk of the town. But how will the technology further take root?

The University of Applied Sciences Dresden (HTW) and queo ow will be hosting “Blockchain and Industry 4.0 for the middle class – potential and business models” on March 23, 2018. Together with experts from economics and science, we will derive real potential business models from this trend theme. In Fin and InsurTech, companies have already recognized the changes and new challenges. But the middle class is showing increasing demand and need for concrete ideas and strategies.

Prof. Dr. med. Ittner, head of the Blockchain Competence Center Mittweida, will give the keynote speech and faizod will deliver practical examples. In addition, you can expect an exclusive tour of the Industry 4.0 model factory at the HTW Dresden, which is supporting research and testing for IoT solutions in manufacturing.

Event schedule
13:00-13:15 Opening session with Prof. Dr. Ralph Sonntag and André Pinkert 13:15-14:00 Keynote from Prof. Dr. Andreas Ittner (Mittweida) 14:00-15:30 Practical examples from faizod GmbH 15:30-16:00 Break with coffee and cookies 16:00-17:00 Model factory tour with Prof. Dr. Dirk Reichelt 17:00-17:15 Division into groups 17:15-18:15 Business models (group work)
More on the event

To learn more about this event and register to participate (German),  visit the event here on Xing.

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