Air France investigating supply chain enhanced by Blockchain

Freitag, 06. Oktober 2017, 13:49 Uhr

The fifth largest airline company in the world has in its quest to digitalise begun exploring the implementation of Blockchain technology in its supply chain processes. Air France has been collaborating with universities, manufacturers, and software developers in an MRO lab aimed at full digitalisation of current analog data /2/. The lab has determined that the resilience, traceability, integrity, and reduction in the use of intermediaries provided by Blockchain could be highly beneficial in aviation.

Blockchain to eliminate complicated paper trails from parts

The implementation being explored would be used in aircraft maintenance processes, especially in replacing parts /1/. When plane maintenance is performed today, technicians may have to communicate with many parties to find parts needed and follow paper trails to gain information on the life cycle of the part deemed dysfunctional.

Blockchain implementation would likely mean the ability to trace a product from its manufacture, through its life in use in a plane, to the point where it needs to be replaced. Data can be logged in to a Blockchain in a chronological and seamless way, and preserved in a way that is manipulation-proof through encryption and distribution. This eliminates paper processes and enables all parties that come in contact with the part to add and view data through an application.

Air France not the only aviation company interested in Blockchain

Only time will tell if Air France will switch completely to Blockchain, but the airline isn’t the only aviation giant looking in to Blockchain. Lufthansa Industry Solutions has also established a “Blockchain for Aviation” initiative for exploring Blockchain solutions and educating various parties in aviation about the possibilities of the technology.

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